Compilation video of poorly performing criminals

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Most of these people are clearly ass-hats but that third guy… with the silly pants and big gut who tosses the rock… I feel bad for that one. He looks like someone who really needs help.


Videos like this, in general, make me sad- there’s just such desperation in the (stupid) things they’re trying to do.
So I end up wondering if
a. they’re really just that stupid (totally possible, I realize) or,
b. they’re that out of other options.


I feel like it’s B more often then not. But then there are the two kids on a motorcycle with a gun who bikejack(?) people at gunpoint. Fuck those guys.


Indeed. Though, even there, at least one of them appears to end up dead- which bums me out. Sticking a gun in someone’s face like that isn’t ok, but I’d much rather have seen something less permanent befall him.

Also: Sadly, I think there’s a healthy dose of “a” in there too. Bell curves being what they are and all.

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Poor performance is a crime now?

I had to learn to stop feeling badly for people taking risks and failing. It’s the natural result of their actions. Living by the sword and all that…

Before someone says Yakity Sax, here’s the soundtrack this needs.


Why not both?

Never underestimate the power of stupid…look where it got trump.

We’re going to need a “Godwin’s Law” for Trump now.

Tagging for future reference the next time someone ridicules the concept of a good guy with a gun.

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