Watch these hypnotic transplanting machines


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One facility said it took 35 workers to do as much as the machine.

Well yay, that’s 35 fewer employed people, but it brings down the cost of your gardening supplies.


Maybe the way we can get UBA/UBI through is to call it “robot-related expansion of unemployment insurance”


Think of each row being transplanted as a classroom full of students being deployed to non-existant vocations. Hell, there’s probably not even any AI involved here, just flat out automation.


Needs more Powerhouse…


“Maybe we can dismiss 2 additional persons”, Ouch!

The 35 people that used to work on this task allowed the company to make enough money selling plants to save cash for the capital to install this machine to eliminate their jobs. - This is the problem that needs solving. Were they already paid for their labor and that is it?

I think this machine is fantastic and takes the drudgery out of the former transplanting job, too bad it took the job as well.


Though when I first went to the youtubedoubler, this is the music that was on the other side. It works pretty well too.


Great. Now we’ll have 35 more rural heroin addicts. Per machine!


Pansies transplanted into unemployment.


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