Watch these three kids transform into vehicles in seconds

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Way cooler transformation than anything seen in the shitty Bayformers movies.


I applaud the transforming skills, but will never forgive your crappy, vertically formatted video. #TYFS


I’m fairly certain that these costumes faithfully re-create the transforming mechanics of the original toys. Except, you know, for the children in them.


I can’t see them I’m too busy fighting sea-sickness.

Normally I don’t care about vertical video, but if he shot landscape he wouldn’t have spent the entire video panning.
The lameness of the shooting made a pretty neat contrast with the awesomeness of the transformation tho, so there’s that.

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so awesome

look - truth is, vertical video looks fine on your phone, and can be actually pretty artistic/useful depending on what you are taking a video of. but obviously has its limitations based on the playback device. there is a whole branch of art that experiments with vertically long canvas etc. look at certain panels in comic art…you need the vertical for them to be as good as they are in some cases. but it would be nice if you could take the video w/ the phone vertically (which for some is easier and less indiscreet than flipping the phone on its side) but still set it to take the picture horizontally.


… jabroni …

Is that anything like a brony running with scissors?

Get it? “Jab-brony?”

(NSF sanity)

Those may be the best kids costumes ever!

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Super Wings has taken up the mantle of simple transforming mechanics.

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It was far more common back in the 80s for a transformer toy to end up inside a child than the other way around.


More than meets the eye, if I do say so.


I don’t mind the vertical filming jabroni, if you are making a video with the purpose of sharing it, via a messaging app, to other phones, vertical works fine, I even prefer it. Heck even for this video, i’m watching this video on my phone, I would have just watched it vertically.

However I couldn’t watch it vertically because of the jabroni asshole that stretched the video to vertical, with that shitty background, adding no new information. Giving benefits to no-one and forcing everyone that could watch it vertically, full-screen, on their smaller mobile devices to suffer the worst loss in quality and viewing pleasure.

To make it even worse, the people that make those edits, add those bars, they use professional software for this, these are the people that should know better. Lay the blame there, not at some poor sap that just wants to film his little nephews, never used his camera phone before and didn’t expect a audience larger then the 5 people in his family’s WhatsApp group.

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PSA: Don’t put kids In transformers…

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