Watch these Twin Peaks coffee commercials directed by David Lynch that aired in Japan

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Japanese brand Georgia coffee labeled with an old timey US western font and using characters from a fictional town in Washington state where deer heads abound.

Weird stuff indeed.


Watched the video, was not disappointed: “This Georgia is damn fine coffee!”


Coffee in an aluminum can, that’s no for me. The adverts were pleasing though…


I hope this is Canonical!


Probably one of the most important shows in television history. If not the most important.

For some reason, I thought these commercials were on some laserdisc or some DVD release as bonus material?


In the past week, we went to a huge Asian market and they had stacks and stacks of very beautiful looking coffee in a can with a few different varieties and very intriguing descriptions. I almost bought some, but I usually am disappointed with such things - and this had the sugar already added, IIRC. I’m fairly picky with my coffee - if I have any time at all, I grind the beans, then use a Aeropress or pour-over for a “damn fine cup of coffee”. I still have some green beans I need to get to roasting myself (with popcorn popper) - that’s the very best, and quite economical, actually.

Everything I’ve tried in a can or a bottle has always been more about convenience than the experience…and usually more $$$.

Still, with Cooper pitching this…I want to try some after all that. :slight_smile:
Twin Peaks Coffee GIF


They were included in the DVD boxed set, but not the more recent “Entire Mystery” Blu-ray release, due to rights issues.


If this came as part of some kind of subscription snack box, I would be all for it.

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It’s true!


Damn! Don’t make me choose between Twin Peaks coffee in a can and Tommy Lee Jones coffee in a can.


Gawd I love having a T&T ~10 minutes away.

Not the same one as advertised here, but maybe I’ll try it.

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Am I the only one who feels profoundly depressed by these? To me, it’s like if James Joyce wrote a 2-page promotional short story with Leopold Bloom at the Apple Store.

Artists work for money. I’m sure JJ would have written a commercial for “snot green scrotum tightening green tea”

I thought the ads were great, I’m sure the coffee isn’t to my taste!

Now that you mention it, Leopold Bloom was an ad man.

What is home without
Plumtree’s Potted Meat?


what I found in the twin peeks blu ray item was those trees amazing you could smell them and the pies… coffee is a thing… but those pies…

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I’ll drink cheap Whiskey, but not cheap coffee…


I am a sucker for Japanese/Korean canned coffee/energy drinks. I don’t take sugar in my coffee anymore (as I got older my tastes changed). But when I was in college, I was really fond of the pre-sweetened canned coffee. It ranged from lightly sweetened to pretty sweet, but not cloying.

UCC is my canned coffee of choice now, as it comes black. Smooth like a cold brew, although it is missing a bit of that bitter bite you sometimes want. Nice coffee for hot summer mornings.


so , mmm , could i put rice flour into my pie dough ?? can i get someone else to roll it out for me ??
and , just how , exactly , would i put a rice flour crust cherry pie into a can ??
< beware , we owls are not what we seem >
{ local to the dayton , ohio area , reeza’s sells some dang good bean !! dang fine !! }

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