Watch this 120-year old mechanical organ play a song


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“What’s cool is how the sheet music is on an accordion-folded hard card that looks almost exactly like a timeline in ProTools etc.”


Aww, c’mon! You know that Bohemian Rhapsody is the only tune for this kinda occasion!


Wintergatan created Marble Machine, one of the most amazing modern mechanical instruments

Martin Molin’s marble machine is a truly amazing creation, but unlike the main topic “120-year old mechanical organ” of this post the Marble Machine did not produce the final state of the music that it apparently is making without a lot of careful 21st century audio post-editing.(ref1) “Molin explains that there are a number of random errors that can occur and due to those, the final music video took many separate filmed segments to complete.”(ref2)


Street organ music has forever become the Music of Madness to me after this:

…and street organs are pretty frequent in the city center where I have my studio… brrr…


Okay, not a street organ, but certainly with a touch of madness:


That style of view is usually called ‘piano roll’, because it looks just like a piano roll.

A museum near me has a steam-powered fairground organ from the same manufacturers (as part of a carousel). They run it all through the summer, and it is fantastic.


The song it is playing, “Under Paris Skies,” is from 1951.


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