How to "code like a weaver"


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I was thinking of a Miéville weaver…


Well… yeah…


I see this being done by hand, on graph paper, all the time. Using a spreadsheet would make modifying a pattern much faster! But most of my weaver friends aren’t looking to spend more time using computers.


Speaking of Excel, any of you ever discover the flight simulator easter egg that was embedded in… I think it was Excel '97? Press the right keys, and suddenly you are flying over vector-rendered terrain, controllable via cursor keys. It was pretty cool.


Computers and computer programming aren’t that difficult to understand. The computer sequentially follows instructions to a tee. Software people write the instructions. Computer science, software development, and software engineering employ variously systematic approaches to writing correct, bug free, and hopefully long lived and usable software.

What I wish we could explain better is the emergent phenomena created by a billion+ people using social media to do repetitive and simple tasks like clicking a Like button or re-tweeting a hashtag.




Yet another counter-example to the “science” of James Damore and those who think like him.


you can’t trust weavers, they are always spinning yarns.
you can’t get any privacy around a weaver, they are always looming over your shoulder.

i hope these jokes don’t offend any weavers on this thread…

…uh oh.


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