Openknit: a Reprap-inspired open source knitting machine


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So it’s essentially a computerized loom, yeah?

Ya know, like the textile and garment industry already uses on a much more sophisticated scale? :wink:

Okay, yes, you aren’t liable to be able to get a modern industrial loom for the price of this thing, nor make it yourself. But the tech’s clearly here today, why don’t we work on bringing the price of a full function loom down?

I dunno, I guess I’m just not a big enough fan of yarn for this piece. :blush:

Looms and weaving are not the same as knitting. Looms create fabric by passing threads over and under to create structure and patterns. Knitting is tiny little loops, interlocked. They are very different, and create fundamentally different fabrics. Knitting creates sweaters, hats, scarves…it’s a stretchy type fabric. Weavng creates fabric like denim - if you look at your jeans, you can see the over and under pattern. No loops. There are handlooms available that are computer-driven - they run about 20,000 USD for a basic one. You can also buy computerized knitting machines, but they are expensive, so to be able to build one for under 1000 USD is pretty impressive. Sounds like a cool and fun project to build one.

My first impression was “Super Wedgie-O-Matic” and then Captain Underpants.

You’re missing my point. I’m sure there are industrial “knitting machines” or whatever the appropriate term is. How else would the garment industry create knit garments?

What about using this to knit structures from aramid or carbon fiber, or any other high-tensile-strength material, then impregnating them with resin, forming a composite?

Alternatively, could the knitting be merged with 3d printing, again for formation of high tensile strength fiber structures surrounded with plastics?

Just a thought…

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