1st knitting project

Been working on this since last Sunday and skipped a few days.

If there are any knitting nerds (like me as of this project :rabbit:), this is a basketweave scarf using these directions. 9mm needles on weight 6 yarn.

Further details available on request but I’m just getting started so I don’t know much. :laughing:

Discourse has some interesting ideas about what this post is related to …


cool color :^)


Well done. That’s looking awesome. :thumbsup:
I’m not a knitting nerd (I leave that to my wife) but I weave (card, inkle and previously 48" countermarche) and stitch.

Crochet Yoda approves of your work. (made by Mrs.Martian for me as a birthday gift to go with an R2D2 Xbox. )


Crochet Yoda is amaaazing. :smiley: Wow, that smiley is terrifying. :rabbit:

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Yoda is cute!
“May the Yarn be with you!”


Just ordered a whole bunch of assorted metallic, luminescent and retroreflective yarns. Dunno what the hell we’re going to make, but it’s going to be bloody sparkly. :sparkles: :sparkler:


I just ordered some more yarn myself. Nothing sparkly but I hope to have three scarves knitted by Christmas Solstice. If not more. :slight_smile: Yarn is ridiculously tempting.


That looks ambitious for a first project. But perhaps that’s just because I was in 4th grade when they made me learn it.

Maybe. :laughing: I’m just counting myself lucky that the ineffable forces of my subconscious decided on a relatively simple pattern instead of demanding entrelac or cabling on my first time out.


Sure is. One of my suppliers does a great silk/stainless steel blend yarn. Knit it on larger needles and you get a loose, open, textural garment that holds it’s shape. Not the most practical stuff and far from easy to work with though.


Could this material be used for making conductive paths through the resulting garment, for attaching electronics (LEDs, sensors…)?

Wouldn’t be my first choice. It’s not shielded and would short on itself very easily and whacking it on the meter gives me a 45 Ohm resistance for 10cm.
The stainless component of the thread is as fragile as Michael Clarke facing a pace bowler (sorry, watching the cricket at the moment. :wink: ) and it’s really there to provide shine and structure.

You could try blending some thin Litz wire with a suitable garment thread by spinning the two together with a power drill or similar and adding a light spray adhesive to help them take. It’d be a little thicker than this stuff, but way more reliable.

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