Crazily chunky knitwear and housewares

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As someone who knits lace, I normally have an aversion for yarn larger than 6mm. However, I occasionally get craving (that I never follow through with) to work with absurdly large yarn (basically rope). The closest I’ve gotten to this is using my arm to crochet my brother’s climbing line as a joke after he left it out in a mess in front of the garage door.

Also worth checking out is this art project that used 1000ish stands of yarn destined to be destroyed (poor quality/ unable to sell) to create what is an instant mattress. Granted the mattress is in garter stitch and not the pretty stockinette like the chunky blankets.

I don’t think I’ve got room in my house to knit using logs. :wink:

I mostly use medium weight yarns (#4) because I primarily knit hats, gloves, toys and the occasional shark slipper. Even though I’ve got a set of 6 mm needles, I can’t say I’ve ever had much desire to actually use them.

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Dang, I could have finished that $%#& Doctor Who scarf in 48 rows. At the size I’m doing it now, I calculated about 96k stitches to reach 12 feet.

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