Knit animal onesies

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I wonder if there’s…oh SILLY ME, of COURSE I could find a pattern on the interwebs for me mum to knit! Except she hates doing armholes and sleeves. Plus, she’s 89, so she might not have it completed before she dies.

And before you jump on me, that’s the excuse she would give me, then the stuff about the armholes, et al.


Speaking as someone whose spouse knits I’m surprised her first excuse wouldn’t be the insane cost of that much wool.

Not that any knitter I’ve known has a problem with buying huge amounts of wool. They just seem to have a problem restricting themselves to only a few colors.


My mom is a yarn-hoarder. I mean, I’ve found skeins with no UPC codes on the labels!


Ya know… I would actually give them money for one of these, but I won’t actually sign up to look at a freaking catalog.

One lost sale. :slight_smile:


I don’t touch any site that asks for your Facebook info to actually use their website.


[LUST] *

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I can’t!

Aren’t most people who knit yarn hoarders? Especially those who grew up during the Great Depression (I’m talking about you, Mom).

Yeah, that’s jerkbag city right there. Shame, cos there looks like some intersting shit through the pale mist of the obscured page.

I think most people who were born or raised during the G.D. are hoarders…“You never know when you might need it!” was a sometimes-unspoken theme in our household. “Can I use (something that could be replaced easily), Dad?” “No, I’m saving it.” “For what?” “For later!”

Possession was ten-tenths of the law, lemme tell ya…

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