Gigantic knitted sea urchins


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Knitted themselves into a corner.


ahem Crocheted!


These are awesome, I’m a sucker for giant sculpture.


Indeed. @AndreaJames: can you update the title before all us pointy-stick wielders collectively lose our shit?


And hooky-ended stick wielders! (Well, I wield both, just not at the same time.) :smile:


A for effort.


Yup, I do both, too.


That’s definitely not going to fit in the tiny hand thrown pottery.


But how much tiny hand thrown pottery can fit inside the giant urchins? :upside_down:

I can’t help thinking what a total PITA it would be to do this kind of work…

For contrast, here’s a pretty normal sized hook in human hands:


Sorry! You can stab me in the head when you see me next.


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