Look at the tiny tools this master tiny toolmaker makes

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Seems Trump will pay a lot for a hammer he can actually use.


In related news, man creates a giant realistic sculpture of a penny!

(I think I stole that one from somewhere…)


Batman thinks that’s cute


I like how this guy thinks!

The adjustable mouth on the miniature planes seemed like a fantasy when the idea was first conceived. I convinced myself it was possible and worth the crazy amount of time required to make it happen. It would kill me to answer “No” to the question “Does it have an adjustable mouth?”

Jack Planes Part 6 - Adjustable Mouth


Don’t feel too bad; Cory stole it from 2011…


"RIP, tiny tool twins!"

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Yeah, that was it.

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“My miniature Norm Abrams beaned my miniature Bob Vila in the back of the head with a miniature jack plane because miniature Bob never does any fucking work.” ~Next on Mini PBS

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