3D weaving produces strong, flexible solids


That tread design looks like it will pick up and hold onto dirt, maybe if it was a bit shallower it would be better?


yeah the first thing I thought was that he better not step in dog poo.


Um, dipped in silicone, maybe?

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This doesn’t appear to be weaving to me. I’m not seeing the under over of weaving , rather there is winding around posts, layering. I’m not sure what to call it. We don’t call kitting weaving, for example. So it seems that the term used by the inventor is not the most descriptive he could have chosen. That being said, it is a neat machine :slight_smile:

It’s an easy mistake to make. I really regret getting those silicon breast implants :open_mouth:

It looks like a form of basket weaving to me.

Isn’t all weaving 3D? As soon as you start going over and under adjacent threads, you’ve broken the 2D plane.

Do this to form a metal matrix composite by weaving the structure while keeping it immersed in molten metal. Then those underwater basket weaving college degrees will finally be good for something!

Well this one is super super chunky, even if the plastination dip thing sends you out to the woods as it should; though I suppose I should lay in about 7 million angora sweaters to spray with never-wet and sell… DeZeen shows Oluwaseyi’s cube-o-rods and the draw thread, and I think there’s a purl thread correspondence for it, so all we need now is a correspondence with mats of DWCNTs and it’ll be a super fun licensed hobby for rainbow loom funk overdrive people.

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