Behold the hand-crocheted watermelon themed bikini

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Not really related, but this reminds me of a girl I dated in high school that made a fuzzy blue bra to wear to Lollapalooza. Literally looked like she killed the cookie monster and made a bra from his pelt.


It looks a bit seed-through !!


Someone else has the rest of that outfit:


Just behold it.


“Hand-crocheted” is redundant, since there is no machine that can do crochet in any normal sense of the word (“crochet” machines are so called because they use hooks, but they produce a knit fabric, and in fact regular knitting machines also use (latch) hooks).

Knitting machines construct whole rows (or less commonly columns) of stitches at once, which makes them dramatically more productive than human knitters once they’re set up. But it wouldn’t be topologically possible to do that with crochet since it is chained in both the warp and weft directions, although in principle you could construct multiple rows in parallel by working on the bias, but that would make the resulting fabric harder to use. Plus, crochet fabric doesn’t really have any appealing technical qualities; its selling points relate to fancy stitches and shaping, which would be fiendishly hard to design a machine for in general.

As a person who is into both crochet and digital manufacturing, I have given some thought to the idea of a robot that does human-style crochet with a single strand of yarn. It wouldn’t be very productive, but it could be the fabric equivalent of a 3D printer. But I think it would be a very complicated machine.


Ravelry has two patterns posted for crochet watermelon bikinis, but there’s also a pattern for a light-up angler fish hat that’ll Blow. Your. Mind.


Behold the hand-crocheted bikini. It’s be-holed.


Nicely done; I’d wear it.


You say that, but…


always thought the rajiin on enterprise was becoming in some other ways

Damn Discourse, where’s the minus heart when I need it?



That’s similar, but not the same bikini from the actual article.

Also, I doubt the guy you replied to had any plans on wearing it himself, so lamenting about the lack of a woman modeling it was just some low level sexual objectification bs, which isn’t even relevant to the topic.


Watermelon is one of those foods that I enjoy so thoroughly (provided it is in a good state of ripeness), that it slightly boggles my mind when I come across someone who says they don’t like watermelon.

Logically, I know people’s tastes are all different, and there are texture elements to be considered as well, but, emotionally, it doesn’t make sense to me, in that, I can’t imagine myself not liking watermelon.


that’s quite nice looking but wouldn’t wool on vag be… scratchy?

Tbh I assumed it was more of an art piece because of that til someone posted a photo

I used to think wool might be scratchy. I had a couple of stiff, scratchy jumpers as a kid. But I’ve since realised that those must have been made of quite coarse wool. Finer wool, of reasonable quality, is wonderfully soft against the skin.

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Crochet/knit yarn or thread can be made from SO many other materials than “wool”. (I’m assuming you are referring to sheep’s wool). Animal fibers, plant fibers, synthetics - comfort can certainly be provided to any vulva.

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So is it a swimming (/just get in the water) bikini? Or a fashion bikini to wear where bikinis are acceptable attire? Or an art statement by someone with crocheting skills? Honest question, I’ve never seen anyone wearing a crocheted bikini at the beach or pool…

oh good i see you have your bikini melons on, let me don my banana hammock and we can hit the beach!