Tiny handmade knitting machine by Maartje Boer

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It’s cute, but it’s not actually knitting :cry:


Yeah - that’s what I wondered. The resident knitting expert is not available to consult right now, but it did not look to me to be doing any actual knitting.


It’s obvious it’s not knitting anything, the number of loops on either needle do not change. Let’s just call it the “Knitting Machine Prank”.




Human slaves were easier to obtain. (In folklore, elves were Not Nice.)

I don’t mind that it doesn’t knit. Dolls and toys aren’t actually alive, but they stoke the imagination. Portraits aren’t the actual person, but rather a selective representation that may ignore some qualities of the person and introduce other aspects that only the artist sees in their imagination.

True this “knitting machine” doesn’t actually knit, but I love it anyway. It’s totally cute! And playful! And cheerful yellow! And miniature! And handmade of wire!

One of the typical measures of a successful artwork is Does it engage the viewer? I’d say that probably anyone who knits or who has a mechanical mind will naturally engage with it and try to figure out if it could or couldn’t actually knit—I certainly did.

Anyway, I find it delightful. Even though I do knit myself, a fanciful “knitting” machine is alright with me.


I did some historical research into knitting once.

Archeologists - “We decide what is and isn’t knitting, fight us.”
Historians - “No, we decide what knitting is and also when it happened and we all disagree with each other vehemently.”
Knitters - “This is what I call knitting, but you can call whatever that is knitting if you want to. I won’t get mad, fam.”

(I recognize that people producing reference work need to have standards, definitions and categories, and contentious dialogue is part of how that evolves, but I found it amusingly apropos that the crafters were such a relatively calm and friendly community.)


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