Madeline Gannon's Mimus examines robot-human interdependence


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Using such a massive and deadly apparatus certainly is part of the art.


Puts me in mind of that Alexander McQueen dress that was spray-painted by industrial robots, with the mechanization of the painting being part of the creative process:


The scientist is so nice, and the robot seems nice. It even seems to think of being teased as happy playing; it gives the impression of a big good-natured dog. I hope it never makes a mistake and pulls her head off like a ketchup cork.


That’s a disgusting thought. Who would use cork to seal a ketchup bottle?


People who make their own ketchup, I guess, all watched over by machines of loving grace. That weigh three tons and can strike like a snake.


I had a reading comprehension fail for a minute where I thought that a robot was wearing the dress while somebody painted it.


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