Watch this 9-year-old girl wield a sword like a boss

The inset gif has to go in the misandry gif bank…

Final display in front of the judges made me think of this:


Neat. I am guessing she is using a wakizashi since that looks like it would be right size proportionally for her.

Needs a couple tatami mat cuts to drive the… point… home.

She is executing what she’s been taught very well, especially for a 9 year old, but I actually don’t think she’s being at all well taught.

“Kickboxing” is not a sword art, and IMHO all that sword twirling and the gymnastics are just bullshit some guy’s made up. I’m not thrilled with those high thrust kicks either. All of those would be ineffective in any actual fight. Granted nobody is likely to be in a sword duel or needing this on a life-or-death basis these days, but even so if you’re going to teach somebody technique, it should be based on something beyond ones’ fevered imagination.

I would never say this to her face, mind you - you don’t treat a child like that.

I would however encourage her to take one of the more traditional Japanese martial arts like aikido or karate where you start learning some basic sword techniques as you move up the ranks, or take up iaido where you’re learning pure formalisms (kata) but they are based on real sword technique. Purely my own opinion of course.


Ah yes, the venerated Paul Mitchell dojo. The deadliest of forms.

Big brothers and little brothers alike hang their heads and weep. They got nobody to tease but each other this day.


I’ll just copy-paste that one.

Yeah! If nothing else, I can rest assured I rock the self-quote like a boss.


You realize some arts focus on practical application, and some arts are more for show, right?

Stuff like that is basically a fancy gymnastics routine. With a sword.

I highly doubt she or her instructors think her form presentation was something you would use in the real world.

Just like the Marine Drill Team wouldn’t actually be throwing and twirling rifles on the battle field.


No, but they are still Marines.

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10x more fun than a CG Yoda.


My thought exactly.
If she’s in it for the fun of it, good for her. However, I would tend to believe the amount of effort necessary to be able to do what she shows off indicates a will to learn the real thing.

Hopefully, in a somewhat near future, she’ll the opportunity to start on something that’s a little less showy but with somewhat more depth: we’ll always need more real kickass swordwomen.


Maybe in episode 8 they could introduce another Jedi of his species and have her do the motion capture for that character.

she might just be able to keep up with my EX

Well, the deadliest form is relatively uninteresting, unless you like staring at mushroom clouds through parboilt eyeballs.

I usually make a distinction between martial arts and martial sports. I would say that the young lady is doing a martial art, and I enjoyed watching it. Physical training is good, it keeps you healthy, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t make an exciting show of it.

When I do full contact combat sports, it’s not really very artistic, and real-world deadly combat (which is highly mechanized, these days) is even less aesthetically engaging.


I can’t stop watching this. It’s just as funny each time.


Feel similarly meh about this. Why do we want to teach children to yell and scream and cut the air? Her parents must feel so proud of their little warrior princess.

I was actually replying to the person who posted the gif at the top of the thread. It’s silly, most likely staged but it’s also so ridiculous that I can’t look away.

Oh. Have you seen the whole film? Let me dig… one sec…

This is them. There’s a million of them now, because they know they’re cute.


They are an adorable family, but the new-year’s bowl smash is still the best moment of their viney life.

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I’m 51 and she’d still get my lunch money.


If the Witcher TV show gets off the ground, I think we’ve found the perfect Ciri.