Watch this absolutely glorious slo-mo collision of two vortex rings


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Great story of obsession leading to what I think is a pretty spectacular success. I’m sure the math and fluid problems are very interesting for those equipped to take them on, but it’s really great just as a simple, elegant machine that produces a beautiful, unique result. Glorious, indeed.


You know what I like about this video. It is that they show the actual thing at the very first




Follow up: what is that blinkenlights thingy at the upper right corner of the world map in the background?


Somebody gif this please!


“Instability and reconnection in the head-on collision of two vortex rings in a MOlST environment.”
There, fixed.


The next time they blow up the death star, it’s going to be even more 'splodier!


Here, I’ll say it!











I’m curious if he ever got in touch with Lim & Nickels; either before to ask them how they managed to do it, or afterwards to let them see the not-a-potato images.

Not çurious enough to watch the 12 hour supercut. But curious nonetheless :slight_smile:


And this is what they call archiving your data.


That’s a binary clock, according to my husband, who not only has some familiarity with Smarter Every Day videos, but whose boss actually has one at their office.

Binary. Clocks.
Ye gods how very very nerdy!

It’s hard enough for me to go mentally translate back and forth from 12-hour and 24-hour clock times (U.S. and Europe/Asia/rest of the world etc.).


This is the coolest thing I have ever seen in years… in case I didn’t like dolphins enough already, now this! BIG WOW.

I am so glad you posted this!

Thank you, @inactivist !





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