Kalliroscopes create galaxies and hurricanes at your fingertips

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/10/29/kalliroscopes-create-galaxies-and-hurricanes-at-your-fingertips.html


I’ve watched enough Doctor Who and Torchwood to know that playing with vortex manipulators can really mess up the timeline…


The Vortex dome is a highly addictive science toy that offers a tactile insight into fluid dynamics.

But when I spin it the other way does it precisely reverse back to its previous state?

ETA @AndreaJames What brought on all the google searches re fluid dynamics, I wonder? :wink:

I have been summoned from the ether!

This may be TMI, but looking for topics that have not been covered here is quite difficult, and I focus strictly on “wonderful things.” That reduces the likelihood of “dupes,” or posts on the same thing, because I bank posts which are held for use as needed. My daily trek through the internet is a random walk, where reading about one thing often leads to another. If my posts were published in order written, you would see even more clusters of topics. It’s how I used to read the encyclopedia as a kid. One article would mention something else I would be interested in learning.

Plus I have a general interest in fluid dynamics, particularly cymatics, which I came to via anthroposophy.

Back to the ether for me!


Keep it up! Your hunt for wonderful things is much appreciated.


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