This browser-based fluid dynamics simulator is blowing our minds




This must be the end of one of the internet’s tubes?


Make a major disturbance. Give it time to settle. After a while it may resemble some astrophotographs. Which is unsurprising as the same overall fluid dynamic principles guide formation of nebulae too.

Edit: Royal fun would be the same in 3d. With anaglyph glasses or 3d TV today, VR goggles tomorrow.


this reminds me of


Old news.


Paging Dr. Bernoulli, Dr. Bernoulli, Code Blue in Tab Panel 3-461, stat!


I was able to use it on my HTC One in Chrome. It is much more interesting with a touch screen.


I had one of those. Totally the same feels.

Lost ten minutes to it on a regular basis, too.


It would be entirely impractical, but project this onto your D&D map board for things like fireballs and breath weapons. Would look pretty cool.


Magic Window reboot:


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