Chaos Ink: disturb a tank of virtual liquid metal

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Although, it’s a shame about the source code. It’s not obfuscated as such, but it’s minified and most of it appears to be the three.js library – at any rate it’s huge and unreadable.

(I was curious whether it was done using a shader, or just plain old CPU calculations in Javascript, as my computer’s fan didn’t immediately spin up)

Pretty neat…
I’m a bit put off by the cursor always starting in the lower left corner, though. I would have liked to start at the centre of the screen and then maybe move in spirals or something.


…lol browser BSDM in Firefox on an older CPU (only 4 cores? Who limps along on only 4 cores anymore?) I hope to survive seeing more of …yeh no code viewer built in, s’ a choice.

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I found this fluid dynamic simulation a while ago, and I think it is quite fun. You can mess with the parameters to customize the look of the simulation.


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