Online simulation of a ripple tank


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Oddly enough, this does not appear to already exist in Xscreensaver.


Expected nipple tank, am disappoint.


That is pretty damned cool, although I’m still fairly partial to the WebGL Fluid Experiment


aha, Yes! Came here to say the same. That is indeed a beautiful thing - (surprisingly it seems to run really well on my mobile browser, possibly smoother than desktop OS’s).

To be fair, I believe that the OP ripple tank and Fluid Experiment demonstrate different effects though. Continuously-driven-at-frequency radiation patterns vs. particle-interaction-in-fluid-suspension-with-inertia or some such.


Dammit BoingBoing, you’d better not crash Paul Falstad’s servers… I’ve been using those applets to teach physics for 15 years and if they ever go away I am SCREWED.

(That baby on the homepage is probably in college by now.)

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