Super high-def video of people arguing on the internet

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I’m mesmerized. Can any physics geniuses here explain why the disturbances in the vortex propagate upwards like that?


It looks like they are travelling waves (like on the ocean), slowed by travelling againt the flow. Mansplaining works the same way. [Disclaimer: not a physics genius.]


This looks terrifying

Makes intuitive sense.

My guess was that centrifugal force made any disturbance try to spread out and make a larger circle, and the only way to do that is go upwards. But I think that my explanation is probably less true than yours.

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“…it looks like a giant endless black hole of sludge, which is how human interaction on the Internet feels sometimes.”

I couldn’t agree more. Thanks, Obama! :confused:

Little bit lower, liiitttle biit lowwer, liiiiiiiittttle DAMN.

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Don’t put yourself in a trance! That’s how people fall in.


And when you gaze long into the people arguing on the internet, the people arguing on the internet also gaze into you.


I wanna see the look on the face of the duck that lands here.


How nice would it be if everybody had the same opinion. (Now, the problem is merely who gets to decide which opinion is The True Good One, in the situation where for every “I” the answer is “my one”.)

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That’s at the Denison dam spillway gate which is actually in Texas.
Here is video of the other side of the vortex. Scroll past the vortex video to see the outlets to the spillway.

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