Watch this amazing circus performer hop up 9 steps with one arm

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Which human head eats and which does the …

Plus, amazing athleticism.


What’s the tune? I remember hearing it played by a strings section.

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I can’t imagine the tasteless idiot who watched this amazing act and then said “Y’see, what you NEED is a mask on your ass…”

Some sort of heavy metal version of Swan Lake (Tchaikovsky) …?

Very impressive performance! (butt mask regardless)

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That’s it, the Swan Lake theme. Thank you!

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I will say, they know how to circus in Eastern Europe. I vaguely remember going to the Moscow State Circus when I was over there around the age of 14 on an exchange. Pretty amazing, although the bears and other animals didn’t all seem super-thrilled and robust, even if they were excellent performers.

Ok one of the many amazing things about this is that she is still basically jumping with her legs! The flex and throw of the legs is what shifts her body up; the arm doesn’t seem to bend at all.

Ludmilla is both the name of the performer and name of the videographer

I was thinking there aren’t many famous Ludmillas considering how common this name seems to be.

Then I realized (and looked up to confirm) that all Millas are Ludmillas, so Milla Jovovich, Mila Kunis, etc.

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:thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :astonished:

I will forever not be able to think of Milla Jovovich and Mila Kunis as Ludmillas. I LOVE IT.

“Not creepy at all.”

Years from now someone is going to be going through used tutus at a secondhand shop and wonder if this outfit was some strange sex thing.

Thank you Carla!
I just sent this link to all my Ballet friends. It is not what I expected. In a good way.

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