Watch this baby ride around on a Roomba


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As that child grows bigger and bigger, the Roomba will grow more and more muscular, until it’s like a cybertank.


Here is the pupal stage.


This is just practice. That kid will be hood surfing by the time he’s five.


This kills the Roomba.


Kitties > Babies.



It’s good, but he needs a shark costume immediately.


“This walker sucks.”


This so needs a special section in the irobot app.

Also, the vacuum needs more error codes. (“Error. 42. Baby has lost interest.”)


judging from Atlas’ progress we recently saw, it probably is wise to start establishing dominance early on…

also, having recently crammed anothet newborn human into our 1 bed apt, all I can feel is jealousy that they have enough open floorspace for a roomba carrying a baby to turn around…


Baby John Connor?


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