Watch this climber's timelapse of Mount Everest at night


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Yee gods - so many people climbing!


It’s one of the worst victims of overtourism.


Are those climbers climbing in the dark?


That’s not climbing, it’s queueing.

To paraphrase that recent (great) mountain film.


If this was all I got to watch from the web today, I’d still be satisfied.

I may watch it again later, just to count the number of shooting stars.


Came here to ask the same question. At night?

Also, excellent video.


That’s not climbing, it’s queueing.

I have heard some climbers refer to Everest as “the big walk up”.


My understanding is that a lot of them start out very early in the morning, especially as they near the top, so, if they manage to summit, they can start down before the weather gods get angry.


Fantastic beauty. I noticed a peculiar lack of images of the numerous dead bodies the litter the area.


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