Watch this excellent 1977 documentary about makers and mad inventors


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I remember seeing this on HBO in the early 80’s when they were looking for stuff to fill in their morning/afternoon programming. I feel old.


Ha, I remember seeing this in the theater! The aerodynamics of a backwards sedan is the image that stuck with me most.

So, yeah, old.


Isn’t that clip from Eraserhead?


PBS in Boston ran it back then too.


Jonathan Winters started out as a strong man?


Can we ditch the word “makers”? What is everyone else, “takers”? This is probably one of the most classist, Rand-ian words Silicon Valley has invented.


Heh I got it on VHS :smiley: (the original retail, not a copy) Fun documentary.


It has some good music, too. “We don’t make 'em anymore.” and others:


About five years ago, I was in my backyard, entertaining a friend with my hands.

:joy: I love how innuendo wasn’t something you’d have to look out for back then :smiley:


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