Watch this excellent music video by Tokiyo Ooto before everyone else

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It’s almost anti-music. Not quite, but it’s definitely moving in that direction. Also props to being the easiest to understand lyrics of just about any Japanese song I’ve ever heard.

Maybe it is clearer what you mean if one understands the lyrics?

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No, I wasn’t referring to the lyrics there. Just the way the music itself is performed: the drums sound like the crappiest set of cheap drums someone got from a pawn shop and recorded in a bathroom, the guitar is just randomly meandering all over the place with little regard to chords, note, rhythm or time signature, and the vocals half of the time are as much spoken as sung, almost like Sprechgesang or something. It’s like it’s music that’s trying to not be music in some avant-garde way.


Kind of reminds me of Thao & The Get Down Stay Down.

Think I’ll go listen to them now again…


She makes being a ghost seem kinda like fun…


To my ears, this seems to be in the 90s and onwards alternative country/dreampop mashup ballpark… but with a much lower ‘energy’ level. Not uncommon to hear on NPR or on some alternative radio station.

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Just tried them (Temple) on YT. Excellent! Reminds me of mid/late 80s alternative which I love. Is most of their stuff like that?

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I think it was wonderful. I can’t get it out of my head.

Yeah, I love her songs too. Has a kinda Lou Reed vibe. Great stuff!

Not sure, I only have listened the We The Common album so far

But as the magic 8-ball would say, signs point to yes. :grin:

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Loving this - a wonderful thing indeed.

+1 to all the Thao & The Get Down Stay Down references above, I discovered her just over a year ago with a lockdown-tastic video, nice website that posted this too…:

:wink: Temple is a brilliant album.

Magic 8-ball has always failed me… which means I’m due for a good outcome!

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She has an album on Bandcamp - [Outside the universe] on tani9records

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