New eccentric, post-punk/folk from Thao & The Get Down Stay Down


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Great sound. I will need to check out more of them when i get home.

The post-punk/folk thing is whatever to me, its very arbitrary. I listen to a fair amount of folk, post-folk, indie and god knows what else (i tend to have weird tastes in music) but i could care less what genre they fall under or what some critic is labeling them as. If its good music then its good, and if its different and/or weird then even better.


Love it.


I’m dancing in my cubicle!


I’m reminded of several of my favorite bands which makes me feel right at home… in a good way.


Well, that was pleasant, in a very non-threatening pop sort of way.


The “Get Down Stay Down”?!

What, are they American cops?

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