Watch this fascinating BBC documentary about the history of house cats

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Woo watching the hell out of that later.


This is such a ripoff. I watched the whole thing and I couldn’t pick out Judi Dench or James Corden anywhere. And which one was Jennifer Hudson?
Did they do another CGI upgrade?

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It’s OK, I guess, but it’s no Lom Thropple’s Wild Beasts of Nature: The American Housecat.

(Modern machines don’t seem to be able to cope with the QuickTime version, but the WMV worked for me in VLC).

I found a couple of episodes on YouTube, with the search terms “roger tabor cats”.

Before worrying too much about “needing to worm a cat every three months or every month,” please remember that Bayer, who created this video, sells de-worming medicine. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I had outdoor cats for years, and worming was never an issue.

Better yet, keep your cats indoors and you’ll stave off diseases, injuries, and parasites for them and save birds and mice (which feed raptors).


something from 1991 won’t include the important recent history of cats as an internet phenomenon.


Wait what, Bayer created this video?
So they’d rather see the end of song birds than tell you to keep your damn cat indoors.


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