Cat enters building




Is there nowhere that’s safe?


Anyone else have a deep phobia of crawling into a confined space and not being able to back your way out? That video had me NOPE-NOPE-NOPE-ing.


at least he has the decency to look guilty while doing so…


I am rather sure that this is a clip from a PBS documentary examining the feline custodians who maintain the Internet’s Series of Tubes infrastructure. This particular clip clearly depicts one of the custodians removing one of the tubes, thus creating a Kitty Tor, through which the custodian enters the Deep Web.


What would happen if the cat had ebola? Story at 11.


So, just how many times did the cat think: “Jeez Louise, why aren’t you helping me instead of just filming!”.

If that pipe was supposed to be connected to an engine’s exhaust…


Stay tuned for the “cat is rescued from hole in the wall” video


I love how the cat kept looking paranoid to either side and stopping to check if anyone was coming. looking like Morgan Freeman’s Shawshank Redemption character when he goes to the stone fence to get Dufresne’s hidden message. except, of course, the cat’s paranoia and stealth was completely mooted by the person right next to it with the camera.


Previously: Lazy super replaces a cracked furnace vent with corrugated plastic tubing

Subsequently: Everyone (including cat) dies of CO poisoning



Clearly a member of the Felid Urban Explorers Club.

Felid Urban Spelunkers Club?


There, I fixed it for you.


And I was so sure the cat would find some way to pull it in after…


what the heck was that pipe so lazily connected TO, and where?? that cat had a long, cramped crawl ahead of it. DON’T DO IT, KITTY


I don’t think that was a guilty look. My cat gives me that look all the time, “Hey thumbs, bit of help here?”



  1. Now the dryer lint will get all over everything in the house.
  2. Claws are handy.
  3. The smell of food leads one to great feats of industry.
  4. Kitteh haz no fearz.


This is why the internet is full of kitteh


Absolutely, and I’m not at all claustrophobic. I love caverns and caves, but could never explore them because of the squeezing between surfaces thing.



And naturally after all that hard work, there follows that very familiar cat moment: ‘hmm… do I want to go in or not…’.