Video proves this cat to be insane


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Kitten engages in kitten behaviors. Film at 11.


Beat me to the punch. I was about to post a comment saying: “Looks like normal-for-some-cats behaviour.”

Maybe I’ll do so, later.

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there’s several different cats in this video, but it’s all awesome.

What happens starting at 3:31 indeed proves this cat is insane.

Eh. Most cats do all this stuff. Very cute, but not insane and not out of the ordinary in any way.

Not insane, just bored. This is what happens when you put a predator in a small enclosed space with nothing to do.


What y’all are missing is that the cat appears to be in two locations at the same time – I do believe that they let Schrödinger’s cat out of the box.

Also, Princess fuzzy butt says kitty looks normal:


“the secret of life is to have no fear” --Kwame Nkrumah

  1. That is a fantastic cat. Enjoy it while it’s young.
  2. You are not getting your security deposit back on the apartment.

This was my nickname for one of my dearly departed kittehs. Princess was the middle kitteh in that cohort. Her butt was also quite fuzzy, but not as fuzzy as his.

My considerably less fuzzy flame point manx kitten has been known to perform similar dance maneuvers on the bed. :slight_smile:

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Great, now I need to start checking my pillows… and make sure the cat can’t get into the bathroom when I shower…

Yup. If there were a 2nd cat, you’d see much less of this, they’d spend all their time beating each other up and be far less aggressive towards their owners and inanimate objects.

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I agree and think it’s quite important for them to have a friend to grow up with, especially if they can’t be let out for whatever reason.
If you know, prior to deciding to get cats, that you won’t ever be letting them out, consider not getting cats. All that instinct, shored up inside. Inside the home, inside their kooky, murderous minds. :crying_cat_face:

I think that cat needs to go outside… like now.


One of my fuzzy companions does something similar, but much, much less gracefully.

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Hey, man, my Fuzzybutt was agoraphobic.

Srsly, he refused to go outside for years.

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