Cat Mosh Pit


i admit it, i lol’d. even though those poor kittehs were STARVING. STARVING, i say!!

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Cats are always starving. Or at least they behave that way. (“Feed me! Meow!”)


I’m glad my computer has no Smell-O-Vision built into it, the video alone is enough to make me hold my nose.

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\m/ says kitteh

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That lady has 2 too many kitties.


They know. But just like zebras, they find safety in blurred outlines and constant motion. Good luck fishing out the right two!

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At first, this may seem like too many kittehs but she’s totally cat-sitting that one on the left.

I know I’m going to catch hell for this, but how is that different from an all rat scrum? All of those cats give me the creeps.

Was Pussy Galore involved with James Bond? I never did understand all that stuff.

It doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s humans or rats or cats or what: put enough writhing animal motion in one picture, and it looks gross.

(and really, is there ever a reason to put that many cats in one space?)

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