These cats have a helluva time figuring out how to pass each other on narrow ledge


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At least they are better at it than goats


The way they actually do it was unexpected.


…for I live by a rule,
that I learned as a boy,
back in south-going school!


Ah, beat me to it!


little kitty tippy toes!


I was expecting something more like a Klein bottle.




Hah! I love it. Kittahs!!!


Is that a protester down the hallway? What’s going on back there?


Haha, I believe that’s the lady holding up her tablet to record as seen in a mirror.

But I like the protestor idea better.


I’m just glad they weren’t singing a culturally insensitive song about being Siamese like they did in Lady and the Tramp.


Of course! I feel dumb. I thought it was somebody out the window holding up a sign.


I have a cat named Zax… just sayin’ …


Kittehs haz teh masteries of teh phyziks!


In 1000 years, Wikipedia will say that the Internet was designed for the research of felines.


I thought it was cute that at the end you see that they have a third cat.


It’s a bit like the T-1000 phasing through the bars.


I pretty much squeed and said, “Oh there’s another one,” at the end there. Yes I am crazy cat person, but so is everyone else in my family.