Two cats bouncing in sync up a wall onto another wall

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Their little feet fit the missing mortar line. Not too smooth after the landing tho.




“Ok - 1, 2, 3 - hup - hup - hup!”

(together) “Tada!”

"Oh, oh wait, I thought - "

“You were supposed to left, I was supposed to go right.”

“No, I thought I was going to the right. Weren’t we supposed to cross.”

“Yes, you cross, but when you turn you end up going the other right, then -”

“Oh, oh it’s looking at us…”

“OH… dear… uh… well, let’s just…”

“Yes, I’ll just move this over here.”

“And I’ll go over… no wait… let’s, let’s… ok you move over there, and let me…”

“Like this? I think I got - it’s still looking…”

“OK, and I’ll just go over here, and, there we go.”

“OMG, Tim, have you seen your arsehole? It’s amazing!”


In the alt earth where Trump didn’t win and also wasn’t able to take the presidency, this replaces the spaghetti-kiss scene in Lady & The Tramp.


Is this what they call purr-kour?


Thanks @beschizza that brightened my morning!


I remember seeing this video a while ago… I thought I saw it here, and I was about to snark about re-runs, but I don’t see it…

… now I feel bad I didn’t forward it on to BB when I first saw it :frowning:

God dammit Frank!

Wow. Amazing they managed that without any snarling.

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