If you watch one cat video this year, let it be this one


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A friend of mine had a cat (who lived to be about 15 years old BTW) that could jump about 5 feet straight up.


Very cool video. I watched it 5 times.

Our family had a cat who could jump 6 feet from standing. Ground to top of the fence.


the slo-mo was the best part. wow.


That looked like a deadly serious situation




The slow mo part was best! We had a cat that could do a standing jump to the top of our refrigerator. He’d sort of scrunch his butt down and lash his tail several times and position his legs just right, then leap. He’d arrive on top calm and relaxed and obviously proud of himself.


A worthy successor to Sail Cat.


We’re in ur phyziks defying ur gravies :cat:


This teaser trailer for Netflix’s new superhero series makes it look pretty good. I can’t wait to see the full-length version.


betting rachel demita would be very amused


Pretty sure I’ve played this level in a video game…


Looks like unlicensed back-street gamboling to me


I don’t know. This was my first time seeing the “sail” video, and I laughed much harder at it than the “run” video.


I don’t usually like to watch Kung Fu movies that are heavy on wire-work, but I really enjoyed this one.


my oriental short hair used to jump to the top of interior house doors and sit on them …


cats can do wild thangs… make sure you dont rescue bobcats


…or half-Bobcats. They can inter-breed, and the result looks ‘Tabby-esque’.


I liked the one in the right foreground, hunkered down and waiting on the action.


Like it thought it could somehow sprout flying squirrel ‘wings’.


That was awesome.