Caturday: What life with cats is like, “jumping on your food” edition


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What a good cat. Cat prize!


I love how long he just stood and stared, trying to get his brain to handle the situation.

And how it still wasn’t enough; a morose inspection of the landing site was necessary too…

I can totally see myself behaving exactly like that.


Cats actually taste remarkably like chicken…without all the plucking.


This looks suspiciously like viral marketing in disguise. The way the Canary camera is explicitly called out in both the tagline, and on the video itself. Too obvious. Smells fishy, BB.


That’s a high place for a cat to get up there without help.


Have you ever lived with a cat? That was the least surprising thing about the video…


You’re obviously not a cat person. We all know cats don’t need help getting up to places, only occasional help getting down.

In this case, it was the chicken’s turn to help.



How can we tell if that’s a professional cat stunt actor just faking it, right?


That’s some Zack Snyder level shenanigans going on right there. Just needs a more dramatic color treatment and some Carmina Burana chorus.


Got the Police in my head now…

Coming back to your house. Jumping on your food.
Giant steps are what you take. Jumping on your food.
I hope my legs don’t break. Jumping on your food.


The pixels, of course.


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