Watch this gentleman break the world duration record for wearing a bee beard


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The horror!


Is this the hipster version of that scene from Crocodile Dundee?

“Nah, that’s not a beard. This is a beard!”



A few weeks ago I went over a wasp nest with a push lawnmower. It’s going to be a long time before I can enjoy anything related to stinging insects…


Are we sure that’s not just “Swarm,” the Marvel villain who is made out of bees?


its going to be longer time before the wasps enjoy anything to with you :slight_smile:


I’d never heard of Swarm. How does he manage the teeth and eyes? I would have thought he’d be more like Million Ants.


anyone have any insight as to how the bee-beard-wearer breathes? it looks as though he might have nose plugs in, to prevent bees crawling up his nose. i might expect to see some kind of breathing tube for his mouth, but there’s nothing. are the nose plugs made to allow for airflow somehow?


I’ll allow Deadpool to explain:


…and here I am with a boring old hair beard.




Aw man… we almost made it until the thread closed… :slight_smile:


well lets just add the other one to make sure…

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