Watch this guy strip down and rebuild car engine in mesmerizing stop-motion animation



Oh come on, @xeni. That headline was a total tease.


Most times I regret scrolling down, but very occasionally:


I’ve been meaning to ask: where exactly did this fedora’d-reddit-commenter meme start? It seems to be a common thing lately. I assume the vast majority of them are parody accounts; is there some particular goal in mind? (I am largely ignorant of the ways of Reddit.)

Ha! I love the ending. Anyone who has ever rebuilt anything knows that there are always a few “unnecessary” parts. Best to just leave these out.


This is wonderful. But I would have preferred a yakety sax soundtrack.


My brother usually takes a week to do that job, but he’s not a filmmaker. That said, it’s a wonderful film!

Oh, and I figured it was a British motor as soon as I saw the word “rebuild”. Toyotas don’t need that bit of work.

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Pffft. I knew when I saw that rocker cover :wink: Actually, the A series is a lovely little engine, that will take some serious punishment, and, with a BMW K-series twin-cam head on it (the bolt holes & ports match right up), it makes a fair bit of power. Or doesn’t work at all, depending.


Brilliant video, and one of my favorite pieces of incidental music to accompany it!

@xeni Thanks for posting it!

Well, yes, I am familiar with the fedora specifically; what I do not understand is what appears to be this specific recent trend of Youtube comments resembling the one posted by jsroberts. (It is only something that kicked off recently, isn’t it?)

I dunno… it looks like the troll-of-the-week club.

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I disagree. I am so tired of the goddam Mountain King I wish he was strangled at birth. Not Grieg, though. He’s usually okay.

I felt the same until the end - that was a nice touch with the extra parts.

I’d actually just noticed, but I’m not on YouTube much. There’s another similar (and older) comment just below it, so I guess it wasn’t that original.

There are some tunes that certainly become over-used, and thereby disassociated with their original musical quality:

Setting a slapstick comedy gig to Yakety Sax is now called “giving it the Benny Hill treatment.”

I played sax in high school band, and I resent the misappropriation of that wonderful part of the saxophone repertoire.

Similarly, setting a progressive video (as in, something in progress, leading to an expected conclusion) to In The Hall Of The Mountain King is more than a little overused.

But I also played bassoon back in the day (it was my first ever contest piece), and I likewise resent the misappropriation of that part of the bassoon repertoire.

I know what both of those tunes were originally, I can appreciate them for what they were before they became tropes.

As always, YMMV :smile:

Edited to add: Grieg rocks!

Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. That can’t just be a happy coincidence, right?


I appreciate them FOR becoming the tropes.

You can’t make everybody happy…


Will the last person to re-post a year-old video originally from reddit turn out the lights?

Some of us didn’t see it yet. It made my evening.
It’s recycled. So what? At least it’s ecological.


Same same. It was fun. Also -