Watch this impressive 'Wizard of Oz' high school pep rally


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Whats a pep rally?


I actually felt some pep there.


I have no idea what that had to do with their sports (football, I assume) team, but it was pretty freakin’ entertaining.


That kicked the ass of both my high school pep rallies and all of The Wiz.


I’m going to stop watching the internet now, you know, go out on a high note.


Not sure if you’re joking or not American and genuinely asking…in case you’re asking, it is a silly thing in american schools where we continue to worship the sports teams as a symbol of the greatness of our schools (because, you know, schools aren’t about education or anything). The only redeeming quality of a pep rally is that it provides a place for the creative types to do some awesome work and a place for school performers (drill, dance, step, band, etc.) to showcase their work.


Me and mine mostly skipped them to go play MTG or D&D, or jam.

Until they started taking attendance. :confused:


As @traci says, theoretically it’s when the students all gather in the gym to cheer for the basketball and/or football teams, for some reason, but really it’s just a time to watch the cheerleaders, color guard, and marching bands show off. David Byrne recently did a show with pep rally groups backed by musicians. Lots of talent.


I am from the uk, and although we get a lot of your references over here, we have not yet had pep rally, thou I am sure they will try and import them at some point, graduation dances are ten a penny these days, and Halloween grows more popular every year god help us…

Mainly thanks to the fact that asda is now owned by wallmart, they are pushing Oreo hard, i will not be buying one ever, we must preserve our own culture not import yours…

Halloween is trying to force out our own native holiday Bomb fire night, which i am sure only holds its own because we set things on fire and blow things up…


3:25. Upper right hand corner. :panda_face:



Seriously, what?


I was in band so it was a required performance, but we had fun with it. Ours were always entertaining though. We had an amazing step/dance team that was truly phenomenal (they’d go to college competitions and win) so it was always worth it to see them. We also had tons of creative types so the skits were always well done and funny.


Hang on to your culture and share it with us! You have some fun holidays. I have to say that Halloween is definitely worth it. It’s a rare event where everyone gives and just brings joy to one another regardless of religion, race, or anything else. It’s all about the kids and I quite like that. I say have halloween and bomb fire night!


Odd, I’ve heard it called Bonfire Night, and Guy Fawkes Night in the UK, but never Bomb fire night. o_0


I remember being allowed to sit in the cafeteria during pep rallies in the early '70s. It tended to be packed with kids opting out. Had the pep rallies been more like this, I doubt that would have been the case. The class was often on drugs in any case.


That was fantastic and very unlike the pep rallies of my youth. However, it kinda sucks for everyone behind the rotating set piece.


“When I was at school, education could go hang. As long as a boy could hit a six, sing the school song very loud and take hot crumpet from behind without blubbing.” – George


Well this is the least worst outcome of having your sports budget subsume your arts budget anyway.

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