A high school gets wild with paddles and lap dances between students and staff

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All photos? With the ubiquity of phones now, why no videos?


If you think the athletics program is bad wait until you see the shenanigans that go down in the auto shop class.


Nothing wrong with a little kink, as long as it is between informed, empowered, and consenting adults, which is very much not the case in a school setting.

Whiskey. Tango. Alpha. Foxtrot.


Looks like Justified missed a few episodes.

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I mean, there probably are videos, but the photos were what was posted to FB. :confused:

Wow - what an incredible lapse of judgment all around. The adults in the room have no excuse.


The adults in the room likely get off on using that paddle on students.

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…the district "has a tradition of excellence and academics and everything we do…

Ha ha ha


Hazard Independent Schools, told The Courier Journal the district "has a tradition of excellence and academics and everything we do,


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She said in a later statement the district had handed down a punishment or punishments but is “not allowed to disclose any further information regarding the specifics of the discipline” because it is a “personnel matter.”

It’s obvious - they’re gettin’ a paddlin’…


Asked for comment, Waylon Jennings’ only voiceover was a long sigh of exasperation, trailing off to a mumbled “I need to move.”


Imagine being principal and mayor and thinking this was okay. Imagine not caring if it was okay and thinking you wouldn’t get caught while surrounded by students with cell phones. How do people like this make it to adulthood, let alone get elected to positions of power? They’re not even wily criminals, they’re just morons with zero impulse control.


The surprising thing about first having read about this on Fox News is that some commenters were well informed and suggested this was a tradition which started as a powderpuff football game with male cheerleaders in the 70’s and gradually evolved into this. And a fair number of those commenters in that context thought it was fine!

And then of course a bunch people blamed the libs because teachers or something. Still fox news.


I wonder how happy Happy is today. Probably less happy than how happy Happy’s Mr. Happy was in those photos.

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Right after the stern talking to and sharply worded letter.


Is this kink or is it like… dumb comedy? It reads as goofing around to me, maybe mildly transphobic at worst… am I really that far off base?


“The superintendent of an Eastern Kentucky school district said “appropriate disciplinary action has been taken”…”

“Disciplinary action”! Gosh. Oh no! Have we been bad adult boys and girls? What are you going to do to us, Mr. Superintendent School BOARD sir?


My first year teaching in a largely-rural VA high school, I remember being forced to attend a bizarre pep rally where male football players were blindfolded with the implication they were going to be kissed by cheerleaders, but were instead kissed be female teachers, and it was supposed to be hilarious.

I felt like I was the only person in the building who was taken aback by adult women making intimate contact with students explicitly without consent. When I tried bringing up how fucked up it was to our admin, I was told that it was all in good fun and I just needed time to get on board with the school culture.

This was the same school where later in the year I was called to the principal’s office because a queer student of mine had made a (totally school appropriate) artwork in my class criticizing the bullying of LGBTQ+ students at the school. Also our school colors were literally red, white, and blue. It was bananas.


I unironically think you’re right. I fully suspect they probably resort to old school corporeal punishment in this school using a paddle, and this was their “playful” way of letting the students “get back at them.” Which is deeply, horribly fucking disturbing in so many ways.

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Man, my high school was so boring!

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