Watch this journalist uncover how games mess with his brain

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It’s true, it’s turning young people into animals who don’t respect their elders and listen to that Rolling Rock music, and they need to get off my lawn!


And reefer madness has now taken over Canada!

Where will it all end? Cats living with dogs?


It’s the good girls who keep diaries; the bad girls never have the time.

Talulah Bankhead



[Sugar and Daisy by John Scalzi]




Time for some braindance.

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Yeah, well, I got the run of a kind-of library from only about 6 million hours of confused gaming and cheating by looking stuff up online, so there:

Little disappointed that it didn’t touch at all on things like Skinner Boxing and other tricks games use to keep you playing. The little dopamine releases that keep you coming back and staying up way past bed time.

Yes! I have a 9 year old who plays tablet games all the time. It’s not that I want him to stop playing video games. I’m glad he enjoys them. But I want him to be wise about how some of these games work. Do you know of a good article or video that m
ight be at level he could understand? (he’s a pretty bright kid, so if it would work for a middle schooler it would probably work for him)

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MMM yes, I just can’t find it right now. There is a Youtube Channel called Extra Credits. They have some excellent channels about history, sci fi, and other things. But their CORE series is all about gaming and game design. What makes games good. What makes games bad. Good mechanics. Is it all just Skinner boxes all the way down? James, one of the lead writers, even does a frank 2 part about his game addiction he had with Everquest.

So I don’t have time right now to go find some of the videos that talks about specifics about bad games, I can give you the play list and let you browse. The series has simple animation, but I think overall it is very solid and it is kid friendly with content.

Oh god - there is so much. I forgot how much… I am going to let you do some searches within youtube to see what you find. If I can remember when I am at home and not working, I will try to dig up some of the specific shows they have done.

OH also, you can help out by curating your kids games some. I do this more with media, but some times games. Look for stuff they might like and then try it out and suggest they try it. You might even “invest” in a game, spending a better made, better experience game vs a free to play that has horrible mechanics.

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Yes. Free to play games will, by design, introduce frustration and loss that can only be relieved by spending money. Buy him some real games (ifnyou haven’t already).

Oh, awesome, I’ll try to look at some of those with him. Thanks a bunch!

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