Watch this loving restoration of a rusty old hammer to its former glory


Rust is a vector for more rust. You want to remove it before it eats its way too deep into the metal.

I’ve seen a video of the same stacking technique using birchtbark instead of leather. The effect was gorgeous.
Ah, how about I not be lazy and find the link… Maybe it was another one I was thinking of, but this short movie shows it.


That’s the way handles on all the old Estwings are. I know some framing guys who swear by them. They seem overpriced and underbuilt to me.


That guy is one that I like to watch. Folks who can manufacture their own replacement parts are awesome.


After watching the chainsaw video, this is what YouTube showed me next:

It starts out pretty straightforward, but quickly turns to “Wait, what?”

Lots of fun, though.


Nicely done. I’m a little shocked the hose coupler was stock, and not…you know…machined from a random hunk of brass.


Thanks for sharing that knife making video- awesome!


Similar topic, Leah from See Jane Drill restores a vintage drill press:


Man. All that work, and at the end I see he just plans on using it as an arm-hair shaver.

You can buy an arm-hair shaver for, what, a fiver at the dollar store.


Rust gets on everything, and is hard to remove. If you are doing interior or finish work, a rusty hammer would leave stains on light colored wood, and also everywhere you set it down. Likewise any other tools it comes in contact with.
Rust is pure evil.


Rust never sleeps.
7lions video was fascinating! Man I wish I had that kind of time on my hands.



His vice restoration is also impressive (possibly linked from BB originally? Once you watch a few of these YouTube is very generous with the suggestions so it’s easy to lose track.)


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