Watch this maker build a gorgeous cedar strip canoe

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Anyone have an uncle that I can borrow that handbuilds cedar-strip canoes?


Here’s the old-school version

found embeddable link


Here’s another

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Oh wow. The ending was so beautiful. I wept with admiration and nostalgia for living up north and being close to the land. Thank you for posting that. Might have to save the second one for another night.

Yes I have one. Learned digital media in his studio but him and my aunt are both excellent makers and builders. I’ll take a fee that won’t be cheap and they’ll work for good coffee and sough dough bread… has to be very good though! Italian style coffee none of this artisanal cold brew shit.

Talk about doing the work. I do something like this only in my dreams. I think going away from “home” and being able to stay right there with fewer distractions would help too (one big plus for maker spaces). I’m betting her uncle was one of her early inspirations to get into this stuff. (Edit: in another video she says her shop in Cleveland is shut down due to Corona…not so for her Uncle’s)


I don’t need you to tell me how good my coffee is. I’m the one who buys it, I know how fuckin’ good it is. When Bonnie goes shopping, she buys shit. I buy the gourmet expensive stuff 'cause when I drink it, I wanna taste it.

But what’s on my mind at this moment isn’t the coffee in my kitchen. It’s the half built canoe in my garage.


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