HOWTO: Post-bureaucratic flotsam kayak


And then he made an anorak from the skin of his supervisor.

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Ah, the joys of the privileged life…

You mean like the ‘joy’ of demeaning other peoples creativity, as a guest at someone elses website? Or the ‘joy’ of seeing a fellow human using their imagination to build something new?

The ‘joy’ of having a level of affluence and leisure time to be able to build such a vessel out of such impractical materials.

For a large percentage of the globe, DIY isn’t something you do for fun, or as an artistic statement; it’s a way of life, a means of survival. As much as we enjoy our iDevices, our computers, and our fun activities, there are people in the world who build watercraft from found materials because they need a boat.

I have a desk. It was a gift from well-meaning parents years ago. Rather than turning it into a kayak, I will be using it to update my resume later. Maybe after 2.5 years of being out of the work, this summer will be the summer. Fingers crossed! Not all of us write about leisure suit kayaks, after all.

When I go for an interview, I will probably be wearing second-hand clothes. But I suppose I could coat it with linseed and wax, and put it on a boat.

I dunno, just…whatevs. If you get defensive about examining privilege, maybe you need to examine more.

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