Kayaking down a drainage ditch




With regard to skipping the first part, you’re talking about the Wadsword Constant.

Redditor and YouTube employee newtuber[5] revealed a new URL parameter “&wadsworth=1” which can be added on to the end of a YouTube video URL to load the video at 30%.

Wonderful times in which we live.


Don’t use your expensive carbon-fiber yak for this - it sounds like an awful lot of scraping is going on. A cheap spin-molded poly kayak should be able to get a few trips down that chute before you end up with a Flintstone car.


That was my first thought, and then I wondered how tough a kayak is really. I’d guess that something meant for shooting rapids would be pretty sturdy? On the other hand, bouncing off rocks is a different sort of damage mode than scraping on concrete.


That looks like so much fun.

The material those boats are made of is basically really thick tupperware.


They should really wear gloves in case they flip over…


I was disappointed that we didn’t see even one of them flip it.


Wadsworth constant, named after reddit user Wadsworth who invented it.


gloves and elbow pads was my first thought too. (well after “HELLZ YEAH!”).


This is much bigger


Humans are cool.


Yes they’re taking a lot of life off of fairly expensive equipment, even a PE boat costs $800-$1200. Not to mention the paddle. I’ve cracked a boat on a normal whitewater river, this seems stupid.


It’d be fun to see the same run done when some decent water is running down the ditch.


Would it be feasible to add a couple rub strips of high density plastic or wood? Greenland yaks sometimes have bone (or polyurethane) strips at the stem and stern to protect the skin against ice. Flat-bottomed airboats typically come with a whole sheet of plastic on the bottom, considered a wear item when running dry land.


Quite a few universities have equipment rentals.


So this is what Brad Dourif is up to these days.


That’s Lions Bay just a few km north of Vancouver. One of them is a professional and I believe gets promo kayaks to play with.


Can you really call it kayaking when he’s just basically along for the ride with gravity in charge?


Kayaks are strong enough but I couldn’t stand doing that to my boats.


My guess is they’re all river rats with 5 boats in the back yard each, and this is the sort of thing they do to their old outdated boats from the 90s.