Kayaking down a drainage ditch


With regard to skipping the first part, you’re talking about the Wadsword Constant.

Redditor and YouTube employee newtuber[5] revealed a new URL parameter “&wadsworth=1” which can be added on to the end of a YouTube video URL to load the video at 30%.

Wonderful times in which we live.


Don’t use your expensive carbon-fiber yak for this - it sounds like an awful lot of scraping is going on. A cheap spin-molded poly kayak should be able to get a few trips down that chute before you end up with a Flintstone car.


That was my first thought, and then I wondered how tough a kayak is really. I’d guess that something meant for shooting rapids would be pretty sturdy? On the other hand, bouncing off rocks is a different sort of damage mode than scraping on concrete.

That looks like so much fun.

The material those boats are made of is basically really thick tupperware.

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They should really wear gloves in case they flip over…


I was disappointed that we didn’t see even one of them flip it.

Wadsworth constant, named after reddit user Wadsworth who invented it.

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gloves and elbow pads was my first thought too. (well after “HELLZ YEAH!”).

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This is much bigger


Humans are cool.

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Yes they’re taking a lot of life off of fairly expensive equipment, even a PE boat costs $800-$1200. Not to mention the paddle. I’ve cracked a boat on a normal whitewater river, this seems stupid.

It’d be fun to see the same run done when some decent water is running down the ditch.

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Would it be feasible to add a couple rub strips of high density plastic or wood? Greenland yaks sometimes have bone (or polyurethane) strips at the stem and stern to protect the skin against ice. Flat-bottomed airboats typically come with a whole sheet of plastic on the bottom, considered a wear item when running dry land.

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Quite a few universities have equipment rentals.

So this is what Brad Dourif is up to these days.

That’s Lions Bay just a few km north of Vancouver. One of them is a professional and I believe gets promo kayaks to play with.

Can you really call it kayaking when he’s just basically along for the ride with gravity in charge?

Kayaks are strong enough but I couldn’t stand doing that to my boats.

My guess is they’re all river rats with 5 boats in the back yard each, and this is the sort of thing they do to their old outdated boats from the 90s.