If the original Tron had a kayaking scene, it would look like this

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The full clip from Mountain Mind Collective is Liquid Illumination.

As much as I’m not a playboater, I have to say the original ‘whitewater at night’ video where Skip Armstrong strapped a flare to Ben Marr and said do your thing, is much more fun to watch.

My personal favorite for all around feel-good kayak short with a positive vibe is Dream, which also features Ben Marr.

Had a boating friend who would paddle a flooded PA creek at night, always seemed a great way to get stuffed under a strainer to me, no matter how well you knew the river. It’s a hazard even in daylight on rain flooded creeks. But I was pretty cautious even back when I was a serious kayaker. I guess being lit up like a christmas tree would allow you to be found if you came out of your boat.

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