Great behind-the-scenes video of trying out a floating dock for surfing

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There’s a…cable attached to the end of that thing? but why?

And why isn’t it ten times as long, and anchored loosely, and attached to the shore?

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Looks like some fun to be had.

this strikes me as something that never could have been made without camera drones

I watched the polished result a few times already, guess this is my cue for also watching the behind the scenes!

As someone who has been trying to learn to surf on-and-off for years now, this video amazes me and makes me insanely jealous at the same time.

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All I can see is the giant potential for toe-capitation. :frowning:

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Seems like that would be more fun if it went all the way to land and you were riding on wheels rather than jumping into the water. For full irony, use a skateboard, though a BMX bike would probably work better.

er, de-toe-nation?


i prefer the videos where they smear a mate in whale oil and throw him into shark infested waters. but i guess that one is getting a bit old. good on stab for branching out with the laughs.

I was thinking how normal it looked to see them run and jump onto waves and then I realised that they looked just like skaters dropping into a bowl.


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