Bill The Fishing Guy blooper reels


I love the guy who gets out of the boat with the outboard motor still running, blades a spinnin’ to push the boat and then jump in after it directly towards the prop…


It is utterly astonishing that those idiots have all their limbs. I imagine a few off camera don’t.


These are so fake.

Funny how the boat just magically pulls forward exactly enough for the battery gag.

Why are they filming a cameraman standing on a cliff who just happens to fall for no reason?

Why is the boat still tied to the trailer?

Why does he keep hitting the throttle after the trolling motor pops off the boat?

  1. The boat starts moving after he’s hauling the battery
  2. Setting up for a shot
  3. Mistake
  4. Unfamiliar with the equipment

I don’t think these are fake…

This made me laugh for a long time.

Also, the 15 minute news bloopers that showed up in the “similar videos” batch at the end left me gasping for air.

Oh, this made my day

Do a bit of reading. The whole show is fake down to him “catching” fish in a small well stocked pound.

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You dont want the boat sliding off the trailer until it is properly in the water. It’s also handy to remain tied in case you forget to replace the drain plug (like what happened in the video, and it does happen), or if the motor doesn’t start, etc etc.

The trolling motor’s throttle is what he is holding it.

I have limited experience with boats, yet I would still have a gag reel if I had a camera crew filming me.


Used to watch Bill Dance when I was very young. Good times.

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Again read up on the guy the entire show is staged not just his “bloopers.”

I wonder if the RV that they probably use to house the ‘talent’ and crew while on-site, was bought because of an ad by Jack Rebney.

Bill Dance has been doing fishing shows since forever, so it shouldn’t come as a shock that he’s got a blooper roll.

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