The GoFish Cam lets anglers see what’s really happening underwater. And it records video too

Originally published at: The GoFish Cam lets anglers see what's really happening underwater. And it records video too. | Boing Boing

There are going to be a lot of disappointed people who find as soon as that they put this thing underwater, that the WiFi signal is blocked.


So rather than having to imagine your prey writhing to get free, you’ll be able to watch it to?

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So what steers this camera? Buoyancy? The fish? Given the choppy video examples, the percentage of worthwhile video coming back from this thing looks rather small.

I say this based on my experiments with the inexpensive smartphone endoscopes you can buy for getting a look into otherwise inaccessible spaces. Once the end of the camera leaves your hands, good luck trying to get it to point where you want. Or figuring out what the blazes you’re seeing…


Just imagine if fish could scream.

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I troll for trout and have lost count of the number of times my line has gotten snagged and/or the main line has broken clean off - losing all of my gear. At $200 bucks, this would be an expensive loss.

Also, don’t need some heavy gadget interfering with my retrieval and boating of the fish. Since this is attached to the end of the leader you obviously can’t reel this past the end or your rod meaning you’ve now got to deal with a struggling fish on 3-4 feet of line beyond your rod tip.

This looks like a hard pass for me.

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No point in actually fishing for them, am I right?

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It’s called fishing - not catching.

Trust me, there is a great deal of skill and luck involved with tr0lling - just as much as there is with casting from the shore, jigging, drifting or any other fishing method. The sport is not in the method used but the skill needed to know where the fish are, what bait/lure to use for what kind of fish, how to present the bait, and how to land them once you have them on the hook.

(I also fly fish, ice fish, night fish and sometimes just put a worm on a hook and let it float there).

One of the main reasons I would not buy this product is I deliberately use a lighter weight line which increases the chance it will break when fighting a good sized fish.

ETA: this guy gets it

One of my favourite things to do on fishing trips is harass my buddy about his love for tr0lling. In all the years we’ve been meeting for these trips, he’s never caught a single thing tr0lling.

Of course anytime I leave a hook in the water when we’re moving I end up catching something :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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